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hatters hostel on newton st. manchester

Hatters Hostel on Newton Street Manchester

Welcome to Hatters Hostel Manchester (Newton Street).

At The Hatters Hostels we like to look after people. It’s that simple.

The Hatters has become quickly recognised as Manchester’s favourite hostel. We will provide you with a clean, safe, warm, inexpensive and hospitable stay typical of UK budget accommodation plus the warmest of welcomes!

The Hatters on Newton Street and Hatters @ Hilton Cambers (our other Manchester hostel) are located in Manchester’s creative and trendy Northern Quarter and are within walking distance of most activities and attractions that Manchester has to offer.

We’re full of local knowledge so you can make the most of your stay whilst hanging out in the neighbourhood haunts that are legend in this part of Britain.

The Hatters Hostel is a convenient location for all the main live music and sporting venues and we’re within 5 minutes walking distance to major bus, tram and train transport links.

Our two Manchester hostels have enough beds and space to cater for up to 300 people comfortably and with no hassle.

For current prices, please contact the hostel directly

Contact us here

Or use the ‘Book Now’ button at the top of the screen.

We look forward to welcoming you!!!

Did you know?

We have two hostels in Manchester!

Hatters UK Hostel on Hilton Street Manchester

Why not see what Hilton Chambers has to offer.

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  2. Darren

    Hi, I will be moving to Manchester from Glasgow very soon because I will be playing in a band here that get paid gigs regularly. I feel that staying in a Hostel will be the best option for me till I get a flat here for myself,do you offer a “weekly rate” or anything?

  3. Mia

    Stayed at Hatters in April, the staff were really nice, they knew good places to shop, eat and go out and were happy to tell us :) staying at hatters in liverpool next and i hope its the same.

  4. Ruby

    Hi! I’m looking to book a room for a night because I’m going to a gig in april, but before I book I was just wondering if there were any night buses in manchester that ran between oxford road and your place, or if there are any reliable taxi services you could reccomend?
    I’d look for thr buses myself but the timetables just confuse me.

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hey there!!

      There are tons of night buses that run along Oxford road, to and from Piccadilly Gardens, which is just around the corner from us!!
      Hope to see you soon!!

  5. Lily

    Is it a problem if I can’t arrive exactly at the hour I noticed when I made the booking?

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters


      Not at all!! Our reception is open 24 hours, so you can arrive at whenever you wish!!

      Hope to see you soon, and safe journey!!

  6. Alex

    How far is it to Old Trafford with bus/metro?

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hey there!!

      You can get to the Old Trafford stadium in 15 mins on the tram!! The closest tram stop to us is in Piccadilly Gardens, which is a 2 min walk!!

      Hope this helps!!

  7. Sabrina

    Hi, I’m foreign students who want to stay in manchester for 15nights in your hotel could you please tell me if a single room is available from 17march? and what are the comodities? thank you!

  8. Anaïs


    I’ll be here on the 27th of Jan & was wondering about the easiest way (& safest way) to get to the 02 apollo from the hostel for a gig, as I will be on my own…

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters


      You can easily and safely get to the O2 Apollo from our hostel on the bus!! It’s takes about 5mins!!

      Hope this helps!!

  9. Vivian Mijung Park

    I have a question before making a reservation.
    We’re going to stay 1night on Feb 10th night. Do you guys can store our luggage whilst we’re out for watching EPL game on 11th Feb? probably will take about 5 hours. If that’s possible, we’d like to stay at yours.
    Please send me back. Thank you.

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hey there!!

      Of course!! We have a secure luggage room, where you can leave your bags for free until you leave the city!!
      Hope to see you soon!!

  10. Sam

    Awesome place! Really close to a lot of good night life venues and placed right in the Northern Quarter. Friendly staff who are very helpful and easy-going. Particularly our new friend Kirsty who works behind the desk :)
    Only thing that wasn’t so good was the heat of the rooms. Often woke up dehydrated but that was easily solved by a bottle of water.
    Well worth staying in!!

  11. Edward Anderson

    Hi lady and gent,
    Made a booking for 22nd June 2012 in Manchester so I can go and see Bruce. However, as I don’t drive and have no intention of leaving the country in the near future is there another form of I.D that is suitable. I have a citizen card and could also bring a payslip or scan my birth certificate.
    Any chance this would be acceptable?
    With thanks,
    Edward. Anderson

    • Roxy Hatters Roxy Hatters

      Hi. As long as the citizen card has a photo then it’ll be fine. We do require some sort of photo ID to conform to legal regulations.

      Regards Hatters.

  12. Ben

    would I be able to make a late check-in so that I could make a stay after a music event?

    • Roxy Hatters Roxy Hatters

      Hi. We have 24 hour reception, so don’t panic if you arrive a little late!

      Regards Hatters.

  13. Donghyun Seo

    I’ve reserved your hostel from January 12. However there are important mail I received from London. So can you recieve that important mail for me? My arrival time is expected at 3:00 PM. Jan 12

    • Roxy Hatters Roxy Hatters

      Hi. Of course we can receive mail for you. We’ll keep it aside for you until you arrive.

      Regards Hatters.

  14. Darren

    Hi there I am moving to Manchester in late March/early April and I am just wondering if it is possible to book a room for the night and pay the nightly rate?

  15. Laurie

    Hi there !

    Can’t believe I didn’t leave a comment !!!

    I stayed a few nights at your hostel in March with my 15 years old nephew.

    We had a very nice time with you. Everyone was helpful and kind, and Manchester … wow … what a nice place !

    The hostel is situated near the centre so it was just perfect !

    My nephew loved to sleep in a dormitory, even though he always sleeps in 5 stars hotels when travelling with his parents !!! That was a very interesting experience for him !

    I think that if we come back to Manchester … we will stay at your hostel again, that’s for sure !

    Thanks again for your day to day assistance, your kindness and your smile !

    Cheers !

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  17. Stephanie Henderson

    Hi there, im in the process of booking a group of people into your hostel, however i was wondering do you have parking? and if you do is it at extra cost?
    If you do not is there anywhere near by where the car will be safe and wont cost an arm and a leg?

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hey Stephanie!! We do not have parking, but the closer (and cheapest) car park to us is on Ducie street…. Just two streets away, and only costs about £5 to leave your car over-night!!! Hope to see you soon!

  18. Holly

    Just wanted to say a big thank you! We had a lovely time and what a wonderful hostel. – Great location, rooms and facilities and not forgetting the staff you were all so helpful and thank you to the man who sorted out the bath for us!
    You have my recommendation and I also look forward to our next visit.
    Thank you again and hope to visit soon.

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Thanks for your nice comments!! We are super glad you had such a great time in Manchester!!
      Hope to see you again sometime!!

  19. Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

    Hi Apil, We are 20 minutes away from Salford Uni by Tram. Hope this helps. Take Care

  20. Sasha

    How can I know if my booking is successful? If I want to cancle the booking, what can I do?

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hi Sasha

      You should have recieved a booking ref number if not email the hostels with your details (name, date of arrival etc) and they will check
      You have to cancel 24HRS before arrival you can do this via phone or email

      Hope this helps

  21. Kafka

    Hey, I wondered if you keep a free charge luggage room for every kind of room guest (4, 8 or 18 beds). I’ve got a big suitcase and well.. I’d like to keep it save!

    Btw, if I’m gonna be around MMU during my trip.. which hostel of these two you got.. is closer? Thank you.

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Greetings Kafka!!
      Thanks for your inquiry!! We provide free luggage storage for all guests who stay with us at Hatters, so don’t worry about your big suitcase!!! We also have lockers, where you can store smaller valuables safely!
      Both of our Hatters hostels in Manchester are situated in the Northern Quarter of the city center, and this area is no more than a 15min walk to the MMU buildings!
      See you soon hopefully!!!

  22. Rachel

    Hi There,

    You guys look a great place stay I have already booked my place with you this Fri 24th June 2011. I was wondering where is the best place for pub grub that is reasonably priced but not going to give me food As don’t want to miss my Bon Jovi Obviously I want to go in the city centre.



    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Rachel

      The Trof on Thomas Street is good for food and not to pricey :)
      Also from there you are 2mins from the Shudehill Tram Stop So you can just
      jump on the Altricham line to get to Old Trafford

      Hope this Helps

  23. Isa Aqeel

    Good Day,
    Pleased to find your hotel in the net, happy to reserve the hotel, but I need some clarifications.
    Arrival: 11 July 2011
    Departure: 13 July 2011
    2 Adults
    2 Children (5 & 8 years)
    1) I need all of one room with extra beds for the 2 children. Total price for 2 nights without breakfast.
    2) How should I pay.
    3) If I have a car, is park available.
    Waiting your reply & availability confirmation.

    Best Regards
    Isa Yusuf Ishaq
    Mobile: +973 36665515

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hi Isa,

      Unfortunately we do not accept anyone under the age of 16 in our hostel, sorry that we cannot accommodate you on this occasion. Also we do not have parking, as we are right in the city center there are many NCP, open air and road parking.
      If you would like to make a reservation in the future with just over 16s, you can do so either by emailing, phoning or through the website.

      Many thanks,
      The Hatters Team

  24. michelle norris

    i’m planning on booking for 18th june, 4 girls and one boy, is it ok to have mixed sex in one room? and if there’s 5 of us in a 4/6 dorm, do we have to pay for the extra bed? also what time is check in/out? thanks!

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hi Michelle!

      Yes we offer 4,6,8,10 and 18 Bed Mixed dorms. If you require the dorm to be private then yes, you would have to pay for the extra bed between yourselves. If you don’t mind sharing with another/others then you just have to pay for the beds that you would use. You can check in any time after 2pm and check out is by 11am.

      The Hatters Team

  25. rose

    How near to the station and the Lowry theatre is the hostel?
    Thank you,

  26. Hyeonjeong Kim

    Do you have personal lockers besides safekeeping for small items at reception?

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hi Hyeonjeong Kim,

      Yes we have lockers in the reception foyer and the TV lounge, it’s best to bring your own padlock as we are sold out at the moment! Alternatively there are many shops in the area which you can buy one from. We also offer a luggage room and a safety deposit box in our office should you require them.

      Kind regards,
      The Hatters Team

  27. katy

    “Left luggage:We provide a secure baggage room at our reception which is accessible to guests all day.” please, is it free or paying?if it’s not free, how much is it? thank you.

  28. John Realpe

    Hello, any advice on how to get there from the airport? Thanks!

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey John

      The train is the easiest take it directly from the airport to Manchester Picadilly Station
      From there is only a 10min walk or 5 min taxi ride

      Hope this

  29. Leticia


    I have booked a 2 bed en suite room for one night on April 25th. Do I need to bring towels? Thanks

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Leticia

      We provide towels at £1 a towels but if you booked a private room towles are included ;-)

  30. Sarah

    My friend and I are coming over for Manchester Pride..
    We are coming from Ireland, so we are just wondering how close is Hatters from Canal Street and is it safe and secure?! As we would have passports, flight tickets etc..
    Thanks =)

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      hey Sarah we are a 10/15 min walk from Canal Street and yes we have are secure
      we provide secure storage for free for valuable items
      Hope this helps

  31. claire

    is there an ice rink or bowling alley nearby?

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Claire

      There is an Ice rink about 25mins away in Altrincham its very easy to get there by tram
      and there are two bowling alleys but my favourite is in the trafford Centre that is just 20mins away :)
      They also do laser quest and crazy golf in the trafford Centre

      Hope this helps

  32. Ann


    I’ve booked a bed at Hilton Chambers via How can I double-check that you’ve received my reservation? Also – do I need to bring my sleeping bag?


    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hi there, you can either e-mail us your full name or the reference number that you got from Hostelbookers and we’ll be able to check it for you. About the sleeping bag, we do provide linen for you and pillows.
      Kind regards

  33. Mark

    There are a group of three of us travelling to manchester for a gig at the M.E.N arena on the 9th of April. If we are in the shared 8 dormitory what do we do about our luggage, is there secure facilities to store our stuff? Also how far away is the Victoria train station – walking distance?


    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Mark

      We have secure luggage storage.
      Victoria train station is less then a 10 min walk from us

      Hope this helps

  34. Sabrina

    hey im visiting a mate from 30 march to 6 april is there anything going in or around Manchester at night?

  35. sarah

    hi im visiting a mate at uni on the 21 of march is there anything going on for a monday night in or around Manchester?

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Sarah

      There is if you know where to look
      One of my favourites is the club nights at the Roadhouse which is 5mins walk from us
      A usefull place to look is the website ents24

      Hope this helps

  36. Cyr

    Hi, What’s latest check-in time? May I make a check-in at 10pm by notice in advance? Thanks.

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Cyr

      Checkin is 2pm but you can come at any time
      If you are earlier we can store your luggage
      as well

      Hope this helps

  37. Anna

    me and my 3 friends are going to stay two nights in Manchester in May. If we book 4 Bed Mixed Dorm Ensuite, will we have this room only for us or is it possible that we we will be in a different rooms?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hi Anna

      If you book a 4 Bed room for 4 people you will all be in the same room
      Hope this helps :-)

  38. Angela


    I will be staying in March for only one night; I’ve noticed the check out time is 11 am, but my train leaves around 3 pm… Is it possible to leave my luggage in your storage room for a couple of additional hours so I don’t carry it around with me?


    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hi Angela,

      We have a luggage room where you are welcome to leave your bags. We also give you a security number for your bag.

      See you soon

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Angela

      Yeh no worries! We hava a secure luggage storage facility where you can leave your bags.
      And it’s FREE

      hope this helps

  39. Sjoerd

    We’re coming next thursday with seven guys from Amsterdam. What’s the best way to get to Hilton Chambers from the airport?

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Sjoerd

      The best way is to get the train to piccadily Station
      from there you could either take a taxi or walk ( it takes 10mins)

      Hope this helps

  40. wiliam

    hi quick question i was looking at hotels in the area and found this site i am just woundering if i book a room for 8 of us end of febuary just for 1 night whilst we are visiting one of the local rock clubs what time would we have to be back. befour the doors close all info welcomed

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hey Wiliam

      We have 24Hr reception so you can come back at any time :-)
      Hope this helps

    • Johan

      Me and a mate of mine will stay at Hilton again the week coming. So far I’ve never used the Internet access but If I’ve got it correctly ( from hostelworld) then there is also Wifi in the rooms?
      So two questions;
      Is it really wifi in the rooms? And is it free of charge or does it come with a fee?
      Thanks for answering.

      • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

        Hey Johan

        Yes we have wifi in all the rooms it comes with a fee of £1 per 30mins or if you are staying a while
        we have deals £5 for 24hrs
        £8 for 3Days
        £12 for a week

        Looking forward to seeing you again

  41. Charlene

    We are a group of 3 teachers and 15 students seeking accommodation between 18/07/11 and 22/07/11. When trying to book online it says that it can’t find any availabilities but one of the reasons given was that I’m trying to book too far ahead. Could you kindly let me know if you do have availability for the given dates, please?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hi Charlene

      Your booking have been forwarded to the groups department.
      If you have any questions feel free to email them at
      Or you can ring Mon – Friday 9-5 at 0161 236 4414

      Hope this helps

  42. Carmen

    we’re a group of 8 Spanish people who would like to go to Manchester in June, and we have several question we would like you to answer us, please….
    Is it possible to have a bathroom only for us?
    Which kind of room do we have to book?
    We would like to be all in the same room, is it possible?

    Best regards!!!

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters

      Hi Carmen,
      If you are 8 people I would suggest an 8 BED DORM ENSUITE, that means you will all be in the same room and you have your own private batroom. This does depend on availability, so to make sure we meet your needs, I’d give us a call as soon as you know your plans.

      Speak to you soon, don’t hesitate to contact us again!

      kind regards

  43. Rosie

    Wondering the easiest way to get from the hostel to National Cycling Centre…how long is it likely to take?
    Cheers, R

  44. Alex

    Hello again,
    another question…
    Is a german debit card of Deutsche Bank possible to check in?

  45. smy

    i want to know check in and check out times and is pound 18 rate of dormatory for members or non members or is it same for all?
    are dormitories unisex?

    • Emmeline Hatters Emmeline Hatters


      Dorms are both uni – sex and single sex
      The price depends how busy we are and what type of room you choose
      But everybody pays the same

      Check in is 2pm
      Check out is 11am

      Hope this helps

  46. rachael

    how far away are you from men areana xx

    • Roxy Hatters Roxy Hatters

      Hi Rachael, we’re just a 10minute walk to the MEN from both of our hostels in Manchester.

  47. toni

    what is walking distance from Hatters to Manchester Central venue?

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      If you mean the city centre by “Manchester Central” we’re in it! The area we’re in is called the Northern Quarter and is 5-10 mins walk to most places in the city centre!

  48. Bambi

    Hiya, just wondering if you have parking? thank you x

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      We do not have any allocated parking spaces, but you can park on the street. It is free after 6pm til 8am and all day on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Alternatively, we can show you couple of unsecure, cheap (£2 for 24h) or slightly more expensive, secure NCP’s.
      Hatters Team

    • Luke Hatters Luke Hatters

      Hey there, unfortunately we don’t but there are a few options. On Port Street, which is directly behind our Newton street hostel, is a car park which has very good city centre rates. Otherwise there is a car park on Ducie Street which is about £8.00 overnight. Then there’s the NCP car parks which are all over the place if a little pricey!

  49. Line Ganderup


    I have a question about towels and sleeping blankets
    do we need to bring it with us from home ?


    • Roxy Hatters Roxy Hatters

      Hi Line,

      We have an answer about towels and sleeping blankets… There is no need to bring any bedding with you as all of our hostels supply clean, fresh linen and fluffy pillows! Our private rooms include towels and we rent towels for a small fee of £1 to those enjoying our dormitory facilities.

      We look forward to seeing you!